How NOT to Crack Under Pressure


How-not-to-crack-under-pressure-jpg Two years ago, God gave me a new assignment.

I wasn’t looking for a new assignment. Two years ago while praying about the state of my previous job, God asked me a question.

He said, “Do YOU belong to me?”

Instinctively my answer is/was a resounding “Yes.”

He replied” If you belong to me, I should be able to tell you where to go and you go. Cassandra I have given you a new assignment. Will you accept it?”

With my hands lifted in praise and warm tears running down my face I whispered, “Yes.”

Boy did I NOT know how much the Yes was going to cost.

The Yes has caused me to be under what at times has felt like unbearable pressure. There have been numerous losses and casualties. There were days on the battlefield I was left broken, bruised and bloody. But I could look around and see others on the still waving the blood stained banner of Christ and I chose to preserve through my pressure and pain.

The first lesson I learned on how NOT to crack under pressure… is to choose.

Each day even though I was hurting, depressed or frustrated and angry, I made the choice to get out of the bed and face the day and whatever it held. I know that there are some blows when they land make us want to hide under the covers. But you’ll never truly experience victory in Christ hidden under the covers. We have to stay alert and stay alive to see the victory. God has already promised us victory. So get up, get dressed and hold your head up high.

The second lesson I learned on how NOT to crack under pressure… is to pray.

Not the Most Gracious and All Wise God type of prayer. The Lord, please help me prayer. The Lord I need you NOW prayer. The Lord, help me to stand prayer. The Lord help me to keep my mouth closed prayer. The Lord I am so mad I could hit them prayer. The Lord I cannot believe I have been betrayed again prayer… Yea, those prayers. Those gutter most transparent cries out to God that only He can answer.

The Third Lesson I learned on how NOT to crack under pressure… is to laugh.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs that a merry heart is like medicine. I cannot speak for you, but I needed medicine to heal correctly. I heard to learn to laugh again. To laugh when someone was acting a fool in my office because it wasn’t what they did to me that really mattered, it was how I treated them after they mistreated me is what God was looking at. Laugher reduces stress and lower blood pressure. We have to learn to change our perceptions when we cannot change what we are faced with. In other words, I have learned to laugh at some of my adversities. Not all of them, but a great deal of them.

If we stay connected to God we will NOT crack under pressure. Consider the pressure it takes to make diamonds or gold and they turn out just fine don’t they. Relax you will too.

Be blessed,




Copyright @ 2015 by Cassandra Baker Durham